Service request for mosquito problems

If you would like your property inspected for mosquitoes you can go to our online service request form or you can call our district office at (530) 533-6038 or (530) 342-7350. Please provide the following:

• Name, address, closest cross street and daytime phone number
• Time of day you were bitten (morning, afternoon, evening)
• Were you bitten inside or outside

You do not need to be home in order to have your property inspected or treated for mosquitoes. If there is street access to your yard please indicate this as well as any other thing we should know about (locked gates, dogs etc.)


The Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District offers free mosquitofish for pickup at the following locations:

BCMVCD District Office
5117 Larkin Road
Oroville CA.
Foothill Mill and Lumber Company
1698 Wagstaff Road
Paradise, CA.
BCMVCD Chico Substation
444 Otterson Drive
Chico, CA. (only by appt)
Skyway Feed and Supply
5990 Foster Road
Paradise, CA.
C Bar D Feeds
3388 Hwy 32
Chico, CA.
The Pine's Yankee Hill
11300 Miller Flat Road)
Oroville, CA.
Mendon's Nursery
5424 Foster Road
Paradise, CA.
Wilbur's Feed
139 Meyers St.
Chico, CA.
Magnolia Gift & Garden
1367 East Ave.
Chico, CA.
Paradise Pines True Value Hardware
14086 Skyway
Magalia, CA.
Rosa's Nursery
585 Main Street
Hamilton City, CA.
Harshbarger Ace Hardware
1626 State Hwy 99
Gridley, CA.

mosquito fish hand-off

Mosquitofish are also available for delivery by District personnel for those who have very large ponds or are unable to drive to one of our pickup locations.

Note: If you are picking up fish please bring your own container.

Fish plant guide: (Surface feet)
5-foot pond: 4-6 fish
10-foot pond: 8-10 fish
20-foot pond: 12-15 fish
40-foot and up: Contact District for delivery

Yellow Jacket/Wasp Removal

The Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District is available to assist in the removal of Yellow Jacket and wasp nests. For assistance please call our District Office at (530) 533-6038 or (530) 342-7350.

wasp / spraying a wasp nest

Tick and Insect Identification


The BCMVCD Entomologist is available to assist in the identification of ticks and other insects. Please call our District office for more information at (530) 533-6038 or (530) 342-7350.

Public Education

The District's mission is to protect residents from mosquitoes and other vectors that transmit disease. Public education is an important part in the success of combating diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease. The District's education program consists of public appearances at local city and county fairs, participation in the state Mosquito and Vector Awareness week, and presentations to schools and local civic groups.

If you would like to schedule a presentation by District personnel, please contact our office at (530) 533-6038 or (530) 342-7350 or you can email us here. Please see our Public Education page for more information.

mosquito education display