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The Butte County Mosquito Abatement District was formed in June 1948. The District covers 1600 square miles, and includes all of Butte County, except the small areas served by the Durham and Oroville Mosquito Abatement Districts, which were formed earlier. The District also includes the Hamilton City area of Glenn County. In April of 1994, "Vector Control" was added to the District name to reflect the additional disease surveillance and information now provided.

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BCMVCD - Butte County Map


The mission of BCMVCD is primarily to suppress mosquito-transmitted disease and to also reduce the annoyance levels of mosquitoes and diseases associated with ticks, fleas and other vectors through environmentally compatible control practices and public education.

Board of Trustees

The District is a non-profit special district governed by a board of eleven trustees that set policy for the District. County Supervisors and City Councils appoint trustees. The Board of Trustees meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm, alternating between the District headquarters in Oroville at 5117 Larkin Road or the Chico substation at 444 Otterson Drive in Chico. See Agenda below for current location. Per the California Health & Safety Code 2024 (Added by Stats. 2002, Ch. 395, Sec. 6.) (a) Except as provided in Section 2023, the term of office for a member of the board of trustees shall be for a term of two or four years, at the discretion of the appointing authority. Terms of office commence at noon on the first Monday in January.

Position Trustee Name Area Represented Length Start End
President Dr. Albert Beck County District 1 4-Year 2018 2021
Vice President Dr. Larry Kirk City of Chico 4-Year 2018 2021
Secretary James Bo Sheppard City of Biggs 4-Year 2019 2022
Asst. Secretary Melissa Schuster Town of Paradise 2-Year 2019 2020
Trustee Carl Starkey County District 2 4-Year 2017 2020
Trustee Phil LaRocca County District 3 4-Year 2019 2022
Trustee Steve Ostling County District 4 4-Year 2017 2020
Trustee Michael Barth County District 5 4-Year 2020 2023
Trustee Bruce Johnson City of Gridley 4-Year 2020 2023
Trustee Gordon Andoe City of Oroville 4-Year 2018 2021
Trustee Vacant Hamilton City

Board Agendas:

  • May, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 1
  • May, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 2
  • May, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 3
  • April, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 1
  • April, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 2
  • April, 2020 Board Meeting Packet Part 3
  • March, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda
  • February, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda
  • January, 2020 Board Meeting Agenda
  • December, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • November, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • October, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • September, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • August, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • July, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • June, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda
  • Minutes

  • April, 2020 Minutes PDF
  • March, 2020 Minutes PDF
  • February, 2020 Minutes PDF
  • January, 2020 Minutes PDF
  • December, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • November, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • October, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • August, 2019 Minutes PDF
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  • June, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • May, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • April, 2019 Minutes PDF
  • Matthew C. Ball
    District Manager:
    Matthew C. Ball

    Douglas E. Weseman
    Assistant Manager:
    Douglas E. Weseman


    The District is signatory to California Department of Public Health's cooperative agreement and operates in accordance with California Health and Safety code, sections 2000 to 2910, known as mosquito abatement and vector control district law.


    The District program is funded almost entirely by property taxes at the rate of .00013179 x assessed value.

    Current Fiscal Budgets

  • 2019/2020 Fiscal Budget
  • 2018/2019 Fiscal Budget
  • 2017/2018 Fiscal Budget
  • District Financial Audit

  • 2019 Financial Audit
  • 2018 Financial Audit
  • 2017 Financial Audit
  • Current State Controllers Compensation Report

  • 2019 Local Government Compensation Report
  • 2018 Local Government Compensation Report
  • 2017 Local Government Compensation Report
  • Staff

    The District currently maintains 16 full-time employees on its staff. In addition, the District hires ten to fourteen seasonal employees during the mosquito season.

    Where we are located

    Oroville: 5117 Larkin Road, Oroville

    Chico: 444 Otterson Drive, Chico

    Job openings

  • Application For Employment
  • Job Announcement-Mosquito and Vector Control Assistant (Seasonal)
  • Job Description-Mosquito and Vector Control Assistant (Seasonal)
  • Job Description-Lab Assistant-(Seasonal)
  • Job Description-Hangar Assistant-(Seasonal)